The Story Behind DCG

Holly and John Smith, owners of Dry Creek Grill, are passionate about creating restaurants. Dry Creek Grill was born out of John and Holly's desire to create a restaurant they personally would love to experience. Inspired by the idea of creating an upscale, but laid back, steakhouse that offered great steaks, burgers and barbecue, John and Holly began to work on the vision for the restaurant years before opening.

The goal was simple. Great steaks from the finest beef, mouthwatering burgers, authentic pit smoked barbecue, artisan quality ingredients, and the ambiance of upscale dining that is warm and inviting for diners, a night on the town, or toasting friends in the bar.

John and Holly hope that you enjoy Dry Creek Grill. Serving their guests with a meal that makes them happy and an experience that keeps them coming back is what they are all about.